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Maggies Journey

A Westie's Journey Through Bone Cancer

Maggie’s First Oncology Visit

Filed under: Uncategorized — maggiesfamily at 8:19 pm on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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We have been very busy at our household. But everything is going really well! Maggie is 100% feeling better and back to her normal self again.

We are pretty sure Maggie had a septic or sepsis infection after her surgery, which was causing her high fever, abnormal behavior, and sleepiness (beyond recovering from the surgery). After being on the anti-biotic, Maggie has had a 100% turn around. And she is still feeling good!!

Maggie had her first oncology visit today at UPenn. We wanted to get a better idea of what she was up against and if there was anything more we could do for her. It turns out we really did not learn too much more. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, which is what the lumps on her back left leg and abdomen are. We had/have the option to proceed with chemo, however, from what the doctors say and what we have researched, chemo may buy us a little more time, but will not cure the cancer.

In Maggie’s case, the cancer has already spread and it being in her lymph nodes is not good. We had the option to do an ultrasound of her abdomen, but all that would tell us is how far it had spread. We decided against this because of how well Maggie is feeling recently. We basically want to enjoy Maggie as she is for as long as possible without putting her through too much. She is of course on an anti-inflammatory medicine to help with shrinking or keeping the tumor stable, even though we do not know the location of the primary tumor.

Anyway, this is just a little update. I will post more later including some new pictures and even a video if I can figure it out. =)

Our family and Maggie send well wishes to all of you and your loved ones!

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   Peyton's Path

November 17, 2009 @ 8:47 pm   

It is always hard when things are up in the air (the unknown), but the important thing is that Maggie feels good! Keep her comfortable and enjoy her for as long as you can! We can’t wait to see updated photos!Take Care!



November 18, 2009 @ 7:04 am   

I’m sorry to hear about the tumor spread… but glad that Maggie is otherwise feeling fine. I understand that you would not want to put her through any more treatments, and just continue enjoying her for as long as you can. And who knows, maybe the anti-inflammatories will help keep the tumors stable, at least for a while.

I look forward to seeing pictures and videos of Maggie on her blog! The instructions are pretty easy and are located in the forums under Technical Support.

You and Maggie are in my thoughts and prayers…

Angel Jake’s Mom



November 18, 2009 @ 1:51 pm   

I’m glad she is feeling good and enjoying life. I hope the treatments help her feel good for a long time. What you learn through all this is to remain positive and hopeful and enjoy every day knowing that you are doing the best for your girl.
Plus little dogs named Maggie ROCK!!

Karen and the pug girls.

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