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Maggies Journey

A Westie's Journey Through Bone Cancer

Supplements and Diet

Filed under: Uncategorized — maggiesfamily at 11:25 am on Monday, November 9, 2009

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For some reason it just hit me today to type in home remedies for canine cancer. I also must have been oblivious to the K9 immunity banner on the home page, which I found after reading the Angel Exchange forum.

I am wondering what different things you all have tried at home and your experience with it. We have been so concerned with trying to get Maggie to eat anything, we give her whatever we think she will like, not necessarily what is good for her. We stand by this, because we want her to enjoy her time here, but if we could be helping her in some way, we want to do that of course.

The easiest thing I think I have read for diet is cottage cheese with fiaxseed oil. Has anyone see any results with this? How about the K9 immunity. Some members have offered it up in the Angel Exchange, so of course we are willing to try if the vet OK’s it. Any success with this? How about any other remedies, supplements or diets?

Maggie is currently eating Caesar’s canned dog food. While I realize this may not be the best for her (with the grain), she likes it a lot and will eat 2-3 a day. We also give her some of her favorites, spaghetti and french frys for special treats. How bad is this? I am kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner!

Here is a picture of Maggie getting her Vitamin D. She LOVES to lay by the door in the sun all afternoon.

Maggie enjoying the sunlight.

Maggie enjoying the sunlight.

Thank you for all the kind comments on Maggie’s appearance. I relayed all the messages and she was on top of the world. The best part is she is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside! 🙂

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November 9, 2009 @ 5:14 pm   

Perhaps you also missed Jerry’s health tips page, or his canine cancer diet and supplements post. We put Jerry on K9 Immunity when we discovered his lung mets and believe it helped him live happy and healthy another nine months. You’ll find much more discussion about AHCC therapies, Power Mushrooms, NK-9 and K9 Immunity in the forums.



November 9, 2009 @ 11:40 pm   

huh…if there’s one thing I enjoy doing, it’s putting my dog on supplements. Here’s what I have him on:

2 IP6 and Inositol tablets
2 K9 Immunity (soon to be power mushrooms)

Evening (powder mixed into his food)
2 Astragalus
2 Pau d’Arco (keep in mind, does NOT endorse this product but i’ve had Jack on it for a few months and he has not had any problems with it)
2 K9 Immunity

Before Bed:
2 IP6 and Inositol tablets (this has to be taken on a primarily empty stomach)

There are many many more options such as cat’s claw, artemisinin, etc. that are out there. Talk to your vet about different supplements you are thinking of to make sure they are OK for Maggie to take and won’t react with anything else she is on.

I also feed Jack Innova EVO dry dog food and use either the EVO wet dog food or Evanger’s 100% meat canned dog food for mixing in his supplements. Lots of people here are trying different things, so hopefully others respond 🙂

<3 Laura and Jackers

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